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On this page you can view many of the layout designs I have created for other modelers in recent years.  You can use the filter buttons and site search to locate plans by scale, prototype, state, size, and other characteristics.

I use a simple 2D CAD program called MacDraft to do my layout planning.  It is not specialized for model railroading, but I've been using it a long time and it meets my needs.

Here are a couple of resources that you can freely download and distribute for non-commercial purposes:

Bob's Track Planning Questionnaire is the document I use to gather basic information for designing a plan.  It might help you organize your own "Givens n' Druthers."  It's a fillable Microsoft Word doc.

Bob's Curve and Grade Calculator is an Excel spreadsheet with multiple tabs.  It can calculate the length of tracks at various curve radii and grades, along with train lengths and other functions for N, HO, S, and O scales.  Have fun.

Dan Clements' Rutland RR

The Rutland is long gone but not forgotten, a favorite among New England modelers. I was pleased to be able to get the Bellows Falls yard very close to the shape and layout of the prototype, including the bizarre set of diamonds over which the B&M crosses the throat. The logging camp and town of Proctor with its quarry were transposed, but the rest of the towns and the route is quite faithful to the southeastern end of the line. It's always easier for some reason to design track plans for rectangular space, and Dan had a good one, despite the inconvenient location of the door and electrical panel, to enable a full walk-in design. Download PDF

Wyatt Rankin's Norfolk Southern Asheville Division

Somehow the Norfolk Southern's ascent of the Blue Ridge has not achieved the fame of other feats of railroad engineering, but it should not be so. On its way from Linwood, NC to Asheville the track ascends the Old Fort Loops, a series of hairpin turns that rivals the SP's Cascades climb for audacity. Wyatt had half of a three-car garage available, and I designed a three-deck plan to fit. Download PDF

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