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My Layout

I am an enthusiastic modeler and particularly enjoy handlaying track and scenery.  I'm no photographer, though, so I'm a little short on phtography.

The Annapolis Junction RR

Sorry to say, the Annapolis Junction is no more, victim of a relocation.  The HO Chessie-era pike was based on a portion of the B&O Washington-to-Baltimore mainline, the small yard at Jessup, MD, and adjacent industrial areas.

Scenery for one industrial park area was nearing completion and some scenes can be viewed in this gallery.  I had a lot of fun handlaying the track, playing with micro-LEDs, and printing 3D parts for the components I could not buy.  The track plan is in the gallery.

I learned a lot, did a lot of things I would do differently next time, and don't regret a single minute I spent building that short-lived railroad. But...

The Ma & Pa

As chance would have it, we moved into a new basement in August 2016 – right, with a house above it – that sits less than half a mile from the abandoned right of way of the Maryland & Pennsylvania (Ma & Pa) RR. 

Like the Ma & Pa, the house is 1901 vintage, and somehow it just seemed right to model that Baltimore-based institution.  The Ma & Pa was famous for its modelgenic sharp curves, steep grades, compact equipment, short trains, quirky structures, and perpetually genteel poverty.  There's a lot of prototype information available, which I am devouring as I begin planning for the space at left.

It's a big change.  I will have to buy a lot of new trains and supplies.  It's tough, but somebody's got to do it.

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