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Ben Bruno's Eclectic and Undecided RR

Ben is a collector and train-runner, so the goal was to create a design that would allow display and continuous running while retaining the possibility of a later interest in realistic operation. Ben finished the layout after the benchwork and first pass trackwork were professionally completed.  Notice the glass shelved, LED illuminated cabinetry replacing the wall and leg mounted benchwork.  There are over 400 locomotives, 1000 freight cars and 23 passenger consists in those cabinets.  The layout runs flawlessly as Ben expected, making it fun to run trains up and down the helix to the double level staging yards.


Ben is in contract with me once again to design a much larger layout in the 42’x40’ basement of Ben’s new “Hobby Garage.”  Ben installed a G scale two track skyway at a height of 7’ around the room.

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