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Ken Finlayson's Soo/CP Mississippi Sub

My favorite kind of plan -- as true to prototype as possible for a limited scope. Ken was especially interested in modeling the bridges that span the river at LaCrosse, WI, so the bottom level devotes a lot of space to that. Ceiling height was low, so we had to avoid some below-forehead-level clearance in coming up with this pike shape.

I ordinarily avoid changing compass direction between levels, so that, for example, west is always to the left for an operator. I make an exception with plans like this because the obvious point-of-view for the operator is from the river looking shoreward. So on the bottom level, representing the run from LaCrosse to Hastings, MN, the direction is actually right-is-west, left-is-east. At Hastings, where the prototype crosses over to the northern bank, we change levels and revert to right-is-east, left-is-west.

Ken Finlayson_v3_0
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