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For your patio door to perform its best, it needs to be installed correctly. The benefits include improved comfort, energy savings, noise reduction and security. Understanding what patio door installation entails will help , and what to expect on installation day. There are many reasons to remodel you bathtub. If your reason for remodeling is the need to create an accessible solution, then our walk-in tubs are a great option. Loaded with safety features such as grab bars and a built-in seat, our accessible tubs make it easy for seniors as well as for those with limited mobility to maintain their bathing independence. When youre remodeling your home or adding a new space, door and window replacement is a key area to keep in mind. New replacement windows and doors can reinvigorate your property and make it more comfortable to boot. The team at Remodel Now can help you with all your window and door replacement needs in Troy, Waterford, Clifton Park, and beyond!colonial house renovationThe firm collaborates with its clients in the design and construction of their homes. Miller Marriott’s team wants every home it builds to reflect the client who has commissioned it. Miller Marriott Construction , specializes in a number of home styles, and Dutch Colonial homes are a frequent feature in its portfolio. Take a glimpse at this charming Dutch Colonial-inspired The basement can be a great go-to for adding an income or in-law suite, especially if you have a separate entrance. To keep this to code and to make it a legal suite, it’s essential to work with a contractor like Melanson Homes who know the local bylaws for Calgary, , there. This is the least common of the three basement options. These newer options in basement walls consist of a precast slab of concrete that is pre-studded with metal studs along with plumbing and holes for electrical wiring. These integrated studs make it easy to add drywall as the framing to hold it is already in place. If you have this type of wall, you probably already have a finished basement. Glue paneling to finished walls. Apply the glue in a zig-zag pattern on the back of the paneling. Apply glue 3 inches from all four edges. Use a level to check that the edge is plumb and press against the wall. Use a rubber mallet to tap the paneling in place. Pound a panel nail in each corner to hold the paneling in place while the glue dries. """""""""



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