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Want a track plan or 3D design?  Message me.

Yes, I am happy to do a track plan for you.  I have had to start charging for my services, and I am basing my fee on size, scale, and minimum radius.  If you supply the space diagram as shown below and my questionnaire, I can get back to you quickly with a no-obligation quote.


If I have already accepted your request for a one-beer plan I will make good on that.  I am very backlogged right now, meaning that it will probably be 12 months or more since your request that I can fulfill it.  If you would like to be accelerated and are willing to pay for a plan, let me know and I will give you a quote.

What I need to do a plan for you is:


1)  A really precise description of your space, preferably a drawing, accurate down to about 1/2.”  I need to see all obstructions, including walls, doors, pipes, panels, etc.  I can't overemphasize how much I need an accurate and precise set of measurements.  Expect pointed questions if your dimensions don't add up.

2)  Relevant portions of my questionnaire filled out.

3)  Any prototype information you have if you want to model a particular railroad or area.  Track diagrams are awesome, as are copies of articles, web pages, photos, etc.

I also enjoy doing 3D designs for model railroad detail parts.  You can request a part here and (if it is practical for 3D printing) I can make it available on my Shapeways shop.  I don't have any way to fulfill 3D orders directly.

Success! Message received.

Please note that I will be unavailable 9/24-10/13/2022! Feel free to submit the contact form and I will answer as soon as I return. Thanks!

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